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Yes finally we found the right combination of oils that make sure your scalp is healthy, there is no inflammation, your pores don’t get blocked, dandruff is under control and your hair follicles are stimulated in the right way to stimulate as much growth as possible. Of course hair grows all the time. However, scalp issues may cause the follicles to produce very week hair that has a stunted growth and a shorter growth cycle. With the right nutrients, your hair follicles will revive and produce healthier hair that is strong and does not break easily thereby giving you longer healthier hair. That’s where our hair growth oil comes in. Real oils, no fillers , no substitutes but the real stuff. Grape seed oil, Castor oil Hemp seed oil, Rosemary oil and Tea tree oil.


Massage a small amount of the oil on to the scalp in circular motions. Style as desired.

For oil treatment, saturate hair and scalp with the Hair Growth Oil. Cover with plastic cap overnight or for 30 minutes then rinse out. Shampoo hair as usual.

Disclaimer: Our products are not intended to treat or prevent disease.
Prior to using a new product all consumers should use due diligence and do a skin patch test. We suggest that new customers, especially those who have known sensitivities, allergies or immune system health problems, use this technique when first using any hair or skin care product.
Weight 200 g