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Natural Hairdressing Course

Natural Hairdressing Courses
Natural Hairdressing Course

Join a Natural Hairdressing Course that suits your needs. Do you just want to take care of your own or your child’s hair? Are you interested in learning how to do a particular hairstyle? Do you want to take up haircare as your profession? Do you want to work in a hair salon as a hairdresser? Is your answer to any of these questions a yes or a maybe? Sign up for a course that meets your current level and your needs.

In the mean time, kindly visit our YouTube channel which is loaded with very informative tutorials on how to do different hairstyles. Need a one on one where Eve Mafupa holds your hand and teaches you how to do it right, contact us now and we will call you back.

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Eve Mafupa is a qualified and trade tested hair dresser with certificates in Afro Hairdressing and Male grooming. She has 9 years experience teaching natural hair practices at different hair salons in Johannesburg and Harare. She is also a qualified and registered assessor who is able to hold classes and assess learners abilities.